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First of all, thank you for taking the time to find TeaBling.com, and thank you to the many loyal customers over the past 10 years, who also found us by accident 🙂

I was introduced to Babaocha in the early 2000’s, by a friend, whose mom traveled to Hong Kong (from Colorado). I have never been interested in teas–I used to joke that I drink quad-venti iced caramel macchiato’s from Starbucks–and I used to say that “tea is for woosies.” Well, please don’t be offended–I quickly became a huge fan of the taste of tea, and also spent a lot of time getting myself informed about tea–the health benefits, the different types, the various wholesalers, packaging, etc.

Discovering Babaocha

I never thought to share on here the story that I tell friends, family and others who ask how I was introduced to this unique tea–until recently. What I mean, is that I have an elaborate, long and detailed version that I tell, that makes everyone laugh–I’ll see if I can condense it here (and, I don’t expect you to laugh–I think that would require me telling you in person as I animate my way through the story 🙂

In a nutshell, my friend forced me to try this “cool tea” that her mom brought back from Hong Kong. I reluctantly tried it, and was immediately overwhelmed with the appearance, interactive nature (unfurling of ingredients), smell, and then taste of the actual tea, sweetness and each ingredient. In fact, I ended up having a “Meg Ryan” moment (from the cafe scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”–google it). I immediately tracked down the grower/manufacturer/wholesaler who makes this tea, developed an export/import relationship with them, set up my business here in Colorado, USA, and the rest is history. I’ve been selling teas now for over 10 years (totally forgot to celebrate that anniversary 🙂

Where to Find Eight Treasure Tea

One year (to the day) after I was first introduced to Babaocha (Eight Treasure Tea), I was officially in full business of selling 9 varieties of 8 Treasure Tea, and about 100 other tea varieties and products. I have since narrowed my product line/s, due to varying supplies and demand. To my utter shock–my first order came within 4 hours of uploading my online store and website. I just happen to be a self-employed website and graphic designer–however, this was my very first shopping cart launch–I was even surprised it even worked. Well, in fact it didn’t complete the first actual order (so the customer called me to place the order)–only because they tried to order the entire quantity of my first order–my entire shopping cart 🙂 I fulfilled their order and promptly re-ordered 10 times the quantity of my original order!

Online Tea Store Based in the United States

My next shock, was to find out that I’m the only business, outside of China (not including a couple shops in Canada) who sells Babaocha (let alone 9 varieties). I have received orders from all over the world, which was my third shock (I’d initially set up the shopping cart to sell across the USA only–had to change that to fill the other orders from outside the continental U.S.). I often hear that people will try to place orders on other websites, and get through the entire shopping cart experience–including entering all of their payment info–only to find out that shop claims it’s “currently out of stock.” Yikes! I manually respond to EACH order, upon receipt (when I check email, which is typically every day, several times a day). If you ever don’t hear back from me, or get an order confirmation or shipping confirmation–please don’t hesitate to call or email me directly!

Discover 8 Treasure Tea from China

I’m always amazed at how people not only found my website, but also how they too first discovered Eight Treasure Tea. Almost everyone has virtually the same story–similar to mine (maybe not responding QUITE like me and my “Meg Ryan” impression, but the same delight and that they are desperate to find and to order a dozen bags of Traditional Babaocha). My favorite story is when I hear from those who actually visited China, ate at some local restaurant, ordered Babaocha, and were delighted by a unique tea-serving performance that ends with the server in a pose called “Dragon Asking for Directions”–pouring water from an 8-foot teapot, to fill their tea in cup. I post a video of a similar teapot, here.

Fall in Love With Tea

Regarding the other unique teas that I continue to stock and sell–because I treasure them–are the Blooming Teas. These are hand-made from baby green tea leaves and crafted with another flower that’s carefully and artfully wrapped/tied and hidden inside the tightly-bound baby tea leaves. Here’s a video that shows how these unfurl in hot water.

I have heard that the Eight Treasure Teas that I sell are different than the ones that my buyers initially tried–they all say that they taste differently, but that they do in fact treasure them.

So, thank you again for finding me, and, please feel free to share your story, and I’m always happy to mail you a sample before you order!

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