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San Pao Tai - 6 packets

eight-treasure-tea-san-pao-taiThis delightful beverage, San Pao Tai Eight Treasure Tea Ba Bao Cha, is a special blend of eight different plant ingredients. Eight Treasure Tea is refreshing and it has medicinal properties that help to: decrease body heat, promote digestion, induce appetite and relieve fatigue. INGREDIENTS: Small Rock Sugar, Green Tea Loose Leaves, Chrysanthemum Flower, Chinese Dates / Jujube Berry, Lycium Chinese Mill / Wolfberry / Gogi Berry, Longan Berry, Tangerine Rind, Black Sesame Seed OTHER NAMES: Ba Bao Cha, 8 Treasure Tea, San Pao Tai Babaocha

Definition of "San Pao Tai":

"Gay wan cha" or "how we drink tea" in Sichuan

San Pao Tai handheld

Sichuan tea is generally consumed Gay Cha Wan and not gung fu cha. It is said that the gaiwan, literally "bowl with lid" was invented during the Jian Zhang (780 to 783) during the Tang Dynasty by the governor's daughter Cui Ning who was managing Sichuan. Finding the cup too hot to hold in the hand, it would have drawn a small cup saucer marrying stably to lift without burning. Later was added the cover, to keep the sheets suspended in the cup. These three parts called "San Pao Tai" are held simultaneously in Sichuan and the tea is drunk directly gaiwan in there with his lips, using cover to avoid the tea leaves out of the cup. This mode of infusion teas naturally favors longer, and perfectly suited to the Sichuan tea such as jasmine tea.

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