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Customized tea boxes are available in a variety of box sizes, tea varieties, and quantities. Though we are happy to customize your order, usually the first order comes with 30 individual varieties of our teas.

Perfect to offer in Bed & Breakfasts, Day Spas & Salons, Therapist and Corporate Offices, Waiting Areas, to name a few. 

Tea Chest Starter Kit

Price includes: new box to hold and display teas, filled with 9 varieties of our most popular 8 Treasure Teas (and/or blooming tea balls)--individually-labeled tea bags--and comes with printed instructions on how to brew our special teas.

Monthly Refill Club

Order upon request: additional 30-individual, variety 8 Treasure Teas (and/or blooming tea balls) shipped to you each month, to refill your original tea box.

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Price: $99.00

Shipping: $7.95

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