8 Treasure Tea – San Pao Tai


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San Pao Tai (“three brewing ware”). The tea brewing ware is called Gaiwan, a traditional Chinese three-piece tea ware consisting of a lid, a cup and a tea tray. San Pao Tai is a from Lanzhou, Gansu. When tea was introduced to northwestern China—a region rich with Chinese muslim traditions—the locals added regional fruits and flowers to the tea and created the unique Chinese tea culture and Ba Bao Cha (“eight precious tea”) was born. Ingredients are edible. 20-40 calories per serving (if rock sugar included).

Ingredients: Small Rock Sugar Crystals, Green Tea Loose Leaves, Chrysanthemum Flower, Chinese Red Date Fruit, Goji Berry Fruit, Longan Fruit (Ball) / “Dragon’s Eye” Fruit, Tangerine Citrus Rind, Black Sesame Seed

Package Size

6 Pouches, 9 Pouches, 10 Pouches, 12 Pouches

Dehydrated/Dried Ingredients

Chinese Red Date Fruit, Wolfberry/Goji Berry Fruit, Medlar Pome Fruit, Green Tea, Orange Citrus Rind, Black Sesame Seeds, No Sugar Added, Chrysanthemum Flower


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