8 Treasure Tea – Small Treasures


Eight Treasure Teas (“Babaocha”, “Ba Bao Cha”, “Bao Ba Cha”) are available in 9 varieties–exclusively at TeaBling.com. Ingredients are edible. 20-40 calories per serving (if rock sugar included). NO ADDED CAFFEINE. This is our only blend with 7 ingredients (because it has no green tea).

Ingredients: Small Rock Sugar Crystals, Black Tea Loose Leaves, Chrysanthemum Flower, Rosebud Flower, Chinese Red Date Fruit, Red Hawthorn Fruit, Goji Berry Fruit, Tangerine Citrus Rind

Package Size

6 Pouches, 9 Pouches, 10 Pouches, 12 Pouches

Dehydrated/Dried Ingredients

Wolfberry/Goji Berry Fruit, Red Hawthorn Fruit, Globe Amaranth Flower, Rock Sugar, Chrysanthemum Flower, Camelia Flower, Chinese Red Date Fruit


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