Blooming Tea Balls ~ Fairy Princess


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Each flowering green tea leaf ball is hand tied by skilled tea artisans.

TO PREPARE: bring water to 175 degrees, drop blooming tea ball into cup, pour hot water over tea ball, and let steep for 5 minutes. Watch as your blooming tea ball unfurls. Blooming tea balls can be re-brewed, on average, up to 3 times.

TIP: once you’ve brewed and re-brewed your blooming tea ball as much as you’re interested, you can place the bloomed tea ball into a vase, fill with water, and place on a table or shelf to admire like a bouquet of flowers (for up to 30 days). You can replace water in vase once per week to maintain freshness.


Weight 1 oz
Blooming Tea Balls - Quantity

3 Teaballs, 6 Teaballs, 12 Teaballs


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