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About Us – Eight Treasure Teas, Blooming Teas, and more!

Love At First Taste!

Discovering 8 Treasure Teas (Ba Bao Cha)

I was introduced to Babaocha in the early 2000’s, by a friend, whose mom traveled to Hong Kong (from Colorado). I have never been interested in teas–I used to joke that I drink quad-venti iced caramel macchiato’s from Starbucks–and I used to say that “tea is for woosies.” Well, please don’t be offended–I quickly became a huge fan of the taste of tea—just from trying 8 Treasure Tea, and also spent a lot of time getting myself informed about tea in general–the health benefits, the different types (medicinal, herbal), tea harvesting, etc.

Until recently, I never thought to share the story that I tell friends, family when they asked me how I was introduced to Baobacha… I torture them with my elaborate, long and detailed version of the story—that’s way funnier because of the way that I tell them—but, I’ll give you the shorter version…

In a nutshell, one of my friends forced me to try this “cool tea” that her mom brought back from Hong Kong. After she bugged me for a few months about how I needed to try it, I reluctantly finally tried her mother’s tea gift. I was immediately overwhelmed with the appearance, interactive nature (unfurling of ingredients), smell, and then taste of the actual tea–pleasant sweetness and unique flavors of each edible plant ingredient. In fact, I displayed a “Meg Ryan” moment (cafe scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”—you can search YouTube for the scene I’m referencing).

Right then and there, I ran to her computer and had to track down the company who makes this tea—so that I could buy a dozen bags of it.

One year later, I set up an import tea business, TeaBling.com—working directly with the tea grower/processor/manufacturer/packaging company who made the tea that I first tried. I’ve been importing and selling their tea, here in Colorado, USA, since 2004.

I’m always amazed at how people not only found my website, but also how they too first discovered Eight Treasure Tea. Almost everyone has virtually the same story–similar to mine (maybe they didn’t respond QUITE like I did) but they have all experienced same charmed delight and became desperate to find and to order a dozen bags of this tea that they’ve never heard of or seen before, too.

My favorite type of story is from those who actually visited China, ate at some local restaurant, blindly ordered Babaocha, and were delighted by the very unique 8 Treasure Tea-serving performance that ends with the server in a pose called “Dragon Asking for Directions”, and magically pouring water from the spout of an 8-foot teapot, to fill their tea cup.

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Served in China for Centuries

Babaocha has been served in China for CENTURIES–but, only served especially to foreign dignitaries who travelled to China. In 1996 the government decided to make 8 Treasure Tea available to anyone. There are only a few companies who sell Traditional 8 Treasure Teas, and as far as I’ve researched–only ONE company who grows, processes, packages and distributes from ONE location–that’s the company that I work with directly

 In addition, this is the only company that I’ve found who makes NINE varieties of 8 Treasure Teas. Each blend incorporates different ingredients, which you can find on this website in the shop.

Fall in Love With Unique & Exotic Teas

Who knew that there could be so many types of tea around the world? Teabags aren’t the only type of tea–nor are they the most healthy/nutritious, effective or entertaining!
Watch what experts have to say about more teas that we sell:

8 Treasure Teas

We carry 9 varieties of 8 Treasure Teas, and have branded their blends to include named products like: Traditional, Berried Treasure, Lemony Snicket, Honey Drop, Bountiful, Tango, San Pao Tai, Treasure Trove, Small Treasures. Can’t go wrong with any of them–some are no-sugar-added.

Blooming Teaballs

Hand-picked individual tea leaves that are wrapped around especially selected delicate flowers. Balled up together, the balls are then dehydrated/dried. The consumer is delighted to watch the Blooming Teaball reveal the beautiful flower center that unfurls when hot water is poured over it into a teacup.

Matcha Powder

Baby green tea leaves that are dehydrated and pulverized into a talc-like powder. The health benefit of Matcha Green Tea Powder is that you consume the entire leaf, which provides higher nutritional and health benefits. Matcha is consumed in tea, baked goods, milkshakes, and on the skin.

DIY TeaPourri

Check out our BLOG and DIY section to find recipes to make your own blends of Treasure Teas. You can combine any number of “consumable” dehydrated plant parts, seeds, nuts, berries, and add sugar, honey for teas, or–to make bath soaks, you can add charcoal powder, clays, herbs, etc.

Teapots, Tealeaf Filters, Tea Cups & Coasters, Gift Baskets, Gift Subscriptions, Fundraiser Donation Ideas

Check out our ever-evolving complimentary tea-drinking products and supplies, including: clear glass teapots, tumblers with filters, tea cups, metal mesh tea ball filters, gift baskets and monthly tea subscriptions.