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TeaBling, LLC
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PO Box 666
Englewood, CO 80151 – USA



TeaBling, LLC

About TeaBling.com

TeaBling.com is owned and operated in Denver, Colorado, United States of America (USA). We are the exclusive distributor of 9 varieties of Eight-Treasure Teas, 5 varieties of Blooming Tea Balls, Matcha Green Tea Powder, and various other unique teas–including:  boxed teas, loose leaf teas, organic teas–and, we are qualified to sell retail and wholesale.

WHERE TO FIND OUR TEAS: You will find our unique TeaBling.com items for sale through: our website, social networks, Colorado Farmers Markets, boutiques, novelty shops, delis, and restaurants throughout the United States, and other online distributors across the world.

OUR GROWER: The Tianfang Tea Co. (registered with the US FDA, and fields pictured above), is located in Anhui Providence, China. It is located in remote mountains above a small village. The crops, facility for harvesting, packing and shipping, are well removed from industrial and manufacturing facilities. The tea products are hand-picked, dried, and NOT treated with pesticides. From growing through packaging–all steps are processed at one facility–which is very unique–and allows for consistent and more reliable quality controls.

FDA REGISTRATION: TeaBling, LLC is a US Registered Agent with the US FDA.

ORGANIC REGISTRATION: The Tianfang Tea Co., maintains a China Quality Certification, and Organic Registration through the CQC (ISO9001:2000), and is rated Three Star International King of Teas.

WHOLESALE / DISTRIBUTORS: We work closely with our wholesale and retail vendors, and can customize orders as well as discount bulk pricing. Please email or call us for more information.