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How To Brew 8 Treasure Teas – Eight Treasure Teas, Blooming Teas, and more!
How to brew 8 Treasure Tea, Babaocha, Eight Treasures Tea

How To Brew 8 Treasure Teas

How To Prepare 8 Treasure Tea / Ba bao cha:

Simply heat up water to approximately 175 degrees. Do not boil the water, as boiling water removes oxygen. We cannot drink boiled water anyway.

Empty the entire contents of a tea sachet, into a tea cup, and pour over it the hot water. Teabags and loose-leaf teas must be removed from the water, in 3-5 minutes, after steeping. Delaying removal of tea leaves/teabag causes the tea to release tanins, which makes it taste bitter. Do not remove 8-Treasure Tea sachet ingredients*.

All teas can be recycled 2- to 5-more times.

Please Note: *All of the flower parts in the 8 Treasure Teas (Baobacha, Baoba Cha), are entirely edible. If you don’t enjoy navigating around the nutritious ingredients in your teacup, you may prefer to drink the 8 Treasure Teas from a straw–ENJOY!

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